Time To Start Talking

Posted : 10-04-2012

Things are beginning to come together as far as our new products are concerned - so we're about to start letting people know what we've been up to. That's why you can now find us on Twitter.

Probably the most frustrating thing about trying to bootstrap a new startup business is not being able to tell anybody about it. That may seem like a strange thing to say when every new technology product launch seems to be accompanied with ever increasing levels of hype, hyperbole and spin - but things look different when you're on the other side of the press releases.

The popular phrase which is used to describe this state of affairs is being in stealth mode. I've no idea who invented the term, but it is a piece of public relations genius. It evokes the image of the startup company as a technological ninja - about to dive out of the shadows and dispatch entire industries with a few well placed silicon shurikens. What self respecting investor wouldn't want a piece of that?

In our case the reason for keeping a low profile has been somewhat more prosaic: we're afraid of Duke Nukem Forever. This doesn't mean that we have an irrational fear of a fictional videogame character - it means that we're afraid of acquiring a reputation for being a 'vapourware' company. Everyone in the technology industry has a well developed sense of cynicism when it comes to future product announcements, especially when they come from unknown startups. That's why we've been keeping our heads down and focussing on getting the technology right.

With hardware prototyping complete and a substantial amount of the associated software now finished, we feel that it's an appropriate time to start releasing more details about our planned products. We will be publishing more details in this section of the website as things progress and notifying you of any such updates via our new Twitter feed @zynaptic. As the saying goes, watch this space!