1.8 Target Platforms

The Reaction programming framework is intended for use as either a standalone package in plain old Java objects (POJO) based applications or as a service module within the OSGi framework[2].

The majority of this book describes the framework as a standard POJO package, since this is the easiest way of demonstrating the various features. Chapter 8 expands on this to discuss the use of the Reaction framework as an OSGi service, for those interested in this mode of operation.

The extensive use of Java generics in order to provide support for type safe callbacks means that the Reaction framework is only suitable for use with Java compilers from release 5.0 onwards. However, the Reaction framework adopts the same approach to backward compatibility as used in OSGi release 4.3. This means that the Reaction framework can still be compiled for the JSR14 compiler target which is required for Java CDC support.