Thinking Of The Future™

If it has a microprocessor we can program it. If it doesn't, we can build one for you. Any platform, any programming language, any application. At Zynaptic™, we're experts at making dumb things smarter, putting code where you least expect it and letting the information flow. We'll tell you more when we can, but in the meantime we're open-sourcing key components of our project as and when they're ready - starting with the Reaction framework.

Please note that Zynaptic Limited does not supply third party consumer electronics such as iPods, mobile telephones or laptop computers. Regrettably, a number of spam messages purporting to be from our company have been posted to various forums and message boards advertising these products. For further information about this type of scam please refer to this article, which also provides contact details for the Metropolitan Police unit responsible for dealing with this type of fraud. If you are looking for a legitimate supplier of unlocked mobile phones in the UK, we can strongly recommend Expansys. Their prices may be higher than the ones quoted by the fraudsters, but at least you will get the goods you ordered.